Pallorez Allure


Project Management/Consultancy

At Pallorez Allure, we run consultancy services for our clients as well as management of the proposed project. We carefully carry our clients through the various stages of the design, affording them the luxury of also being part of the proposed masterpiece. The consultancy service entails both design and supervision of the project. The extensive involvement of our creative team in the execution of the project has enabled us with the realisation of the concepts time and again. The interior design industry presents its own challenges which as well requires proper management and technical skills to manoeuvre successfully.
We are actively involved in every phase of project development and execution to ensure high quality results.

Interior Design/Fitting out

In order to meet the individual needs of our clients Pallorez Allure is comprised of interior designers, visual artists and architects working together to provide clients with interior design solutions. Creative excellence is closely tied to project knowledge. It is very vital to differentiate between interior decoration and interior design with the later being more professional and technically inclined.
Our knowledge and use of space, materials, structures, colour, minimalism, variety, texture, airiness, music and art amongst other design properties have rightfully earned us the reputation as masters of alluring ambience. We don’t just design objects, we design lives and business because at the end of the day the measure of a life well lived in any space is marked by quality living experience and output.

Brand development/ Enhancement

As experts in our field, we occasionally assist our clients in creating prominent or enhancing already existing brands for their businesses. We give each business a unique personality and edge by effectively developing a successful brand that endures for years and delivers the success our clients desire.