Pallorez Allure

What makes a space unique?

what gives an office/residential space that unique blend of trust, excellence and sophistication? What makes the visual peculiarity of an environment so important? These questions and more inform the primary focus of our interior designs. Our peculiar fondness for art, simplicity, intelligent design, spatial decongestion and layout, lighting, color, texture, smart utilization of materials, attention to detail in the realization of a remarkable space constitutes our brand and hence our reputation as “Guru In Creating Alluring Ambience.”

Technical Partners

Pallorez Allure employs strategic partnerships to provide a client-focused interactive design environment. We are involved in various degrees of partnerships ranging from our core field of study to other construction related fields; with the end
point of improving our ever growing knowledge base.
Our partnerships span across areas of architecture, mechanical, structural, hydro and electrical services, visual arts, estate and quantity surveying department etc.
Our Technical Partners Include –

Specializing in areas of design and construction.

Specializing in visual arts, installations, furniture design, specifications and assembly.